[darcs-users] [patch111] Contribute vc-darcs.el for Emacs VC support.

Dave Love fx at gnu.org
Fri Dec 11 21:13:02 UTC 2009

Jason Dagit <dagit at codersbase.com> writes:

>  The Emacs maintainers rejected the Darcs support (despite supporting
>  the other major free VCSs) :-(.
> Do you know why?

I don't remember any rationale, but I don't think there's any actual
problem with it; at one time I'd just have installed it myself.  VC
still doesn't seem to deal well with patch-based systems -- but then I'm
not sure it even deals properly with RCS versions yet -- and that
probably doesn't have anything to do with it.

> I don't think it makes sense to have this in the repository at
> http://darcs.net.  What about putting it into a different repository?

You're welcome to it anywhere appropriate as long as it doesn't rot

> Maybe the wiki would be appropriate?

I attacked the darcs and Emacs wikis a while ago to make, I thought,
more sane references, but as far as I remember, that got undone and
replaced by something more-or-less circular.  Note that there's
alternative version (referred to in the header) and I don't know it
compares in practice, but it isn't covered by an FSF assignment.

> The problem is that, as I recall, we're removing everything from the
> darcs repo that we can.

[I thought the contrib directory had only appeared recently, and saw a
use for it, but it seems from the changes I was mistaken.]

> Would you be willing to step up as the maintainer of this code?
> According to the above policy, that is what we need.

Well, I am maintaining it, but I'll have to say no as I can't promise to
respond to reports within a week.  I think that's an unrealistic
requirement, and even two weeks is stretching it for people who might be
on holiday, or can't respond to mail.  After all, reports about darcs
itself aren't necessarily treated that promptly.  [That's not meant to
sound surly, should it come across like that.]

> Sorry for the confusion.

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