[darcs-users] spooky action at a distance: file ownerships in repository b (pristine.hashed) change after changing ownerships in repo a

Thomas Hartman thomashartman1 at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 15 12:29:13 UTC 2009

This is really strange, and it may be the source of a patch-tag bug I
am trying to root out.

It seems that, under certain conditions, file ownerships in repository
b pristine.hashed change after changing ownerships in repo a.

Note: Patch-Tag private repo security is handled in the happstack
layer, so unaffected, but still.

The file ownerships in repo b that change are hash files of some kind
of binary type, which are identical in both repos. However, they don't
appear to be soft or hard links.

Also I disabled the darcs cache by doing mv ~/.darcs ~/.darcs.bak

Can anybody explain what is going on?


thartman at ubuntu:~/patch-tag-prod>cat spookyActionAtADistance.sh

# no output, no funny business
pgrep darcs
pgrep patch
prep gitit


chown -R :dd3d75faf031ff6728f016035fa1bec2 $r1
echo before
find $r1 -ls | grep -iv dd3d75faf031ff6728f016035fa1bec2 # no output

chown :2db74c8ecbbd5e11412db8b02d884572 -R $r2

echo after
find $r1 -ls | grep -iv dd3d75faf031ff6728f016035fa1bec2 # output

thartman at ubuntu:~/patch-tag-prod>sudo ./spookyActionAtADistance.sh
 19085    4 -rwxrwS---  10 root     2db74c8ecbbd5e11412db8b02d884572
  3671 Nov  6 17:42
543467    8 -rwxrwS---  11 thartman 2db74c8ecbbd5e11412db8b02d884572
  7486 Nov  6 17:42
... and a few more

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