[darcs-users] spooky action at a distance: file ownerships in repository b (pristine.hashed) change after changing ownerships in repo a

Andy Smith andy.darcs at zambezi.org.uk
Tue Dec 15 20:03:21 UTC 2009

2009/12/15 Thomas Hartman <thomashartman1 at googlemail.com>:
>  I think these may be hard links after all, sorry. When I run stat,
> the inode is the same, and >1 links is reported. -- is there any other
> way to tell what's a hard link?

'ls -i' shows inode numbers, and 'ls -l' shows the number of hard
links (including the original file, if it still exists) in the second
column, after permissions. At least this is true with GNU ls, I'm not
sure how portable it is.


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