[darcs-users] [patch37] Store textual patch metadata encoded in UTF-8

Florent Becker bugs at darcs.net
Fri Dec 18 13:42:57 UTC 2009

Florent Becker <florent.becker at ens-lyon.org> added the comment:

It looks like the decision to go with the intended behaviour of this patch has
already been taken, that is, we should store new meta-data as UTF-8 and
auto-detect encoding of meta-data by looking for incorrect UTF-8 sequences, and
assuming that the encoding is correct if we find none. I cannot comment on these
decisions, and I only reviewed the patch to check that they were implemented as
they should.

I think the code is correct, in the manypatches version. There is a conflict in
unit.hs which can be fixed by the attached patch.

status: review-in-progress -> accepted-pending-tests

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