[darcs-users] [patch120] move witness support into its own namespace

Ganesh Sittampalam bugs at darcs.net
Sat Dec 19 23:01:03 UTC 2009

New submission from Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh at earth.li>:


I think it would be good to have all the witness support code in
a specific namespace.

Really annoyingly, the replace patches here don't commute/merge with most
other replace patches, because they have '.'s in the regexp to support
the renaming of Darcs.Ordered -> Darcs.Witnesses.Ordered etc, and
replace patches with different regexps never commute.

So it may be worth delaying this if there is anything else outstanding
it would conflict with.


Sat Dec 19 22:56:17 GMT 2009  Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh at earth.li>
  * move witness support into its own namespace

files: move-witness-support-into-its-own-namespace.dpatch, unnamed
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status: needs-review
title: move witness support into its own namespace

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