[darcs-users] darcs needs text pkg, which fails to build on GHC 6.8

Jason Dagit dagit at codersbase.com
Thu Dec 24 08:19:18 UTC 2009

Bryan is right.

I still don't understand why we require libicu.  When Eric asked if it would
be a problem for windows only Reinier replied:

> > +  extra-libraries:  icuuc
> > > +
> >
> > How portable a change is this?  On my Mac, I saw that I had a libicucore
> > and not a libicuuc.  MacPorts says it has a libicu package.  Do we just
> > get used to requiring people to install that like they might libz?
> ICU is quickly becoming a core library that's present almost anywhere, much
> like libz. It is maintained by IBM afaik. I don't expect any portability
> problems from it.

The versions I could find for windows are here:

Those are compiled with mscv9 instead of gcc.  Will this create problems?
Why do windows users have to become second class again?  As in, I thought we
had an install story for them: Install Haskell Platform, cabal install
darcs.  Done.  Now it involves some messy details about getting the right
copy (32bit vs. 64bit) of an external library.  And it doesn't come with an

Here is a link to the license:

Is it GPL compatible?  If so then if we are going to make darcs require it
on windows we should start packaging the library with darcs.  If we don't
distribute it with darcs itself then can we handle it like zlib where we
depend on a hackage package that _provides_ the library on the platforms for
which it doesn't exist?  I see that hackage has text-icu but that package
does not provide the library.  Instead, it assumes it exists (I checked the
tarball on hackage).

What does libicu provide that we care about?

Please rollback this patch until we resolve the issue of how to distribute
libicu to our users.


On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 11:29 PM, Bryan O'Sullivan <bos at serpentine.com>
> The text library has no ICU dependency. You'll have to figure out what's
> really going on in your build.
> On Dec 23, 2009, at 11:12 PM, Jason Dagit <dagit at codersbase.com> wrote:
>> A heads up to other darcs devs and users.
>> text appears to require a C library for unicode.  Cabal isn't much
>> help here since it doesn't integrate with the locally installed
>> package managers (when present).  The cabal error is that the C
>> library "icuuc" is missing.  At least on debian/ubuntu the name is
>> libicu-dev.  I suspect this is the case on other platforms as well
>> because googling for icuuc was not terribly fruitful.
>> Does anyone know how our windows users will get this library?
>> I'm mildly annoyed because I don't recall seeing a heads up about
>> bringing in more non-hackage dependencies and now I'm worried about
>> our window support.
>> Back to your regularly schedule darcs-users...
>> Jason
>> On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 10:15 AM, Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> wrote:
>>> On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 09:49:11 -0800, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
>>>>> We can't install text >= 0.6
>>>> I just published text, which builds cleanly with 6.8.3 for me.
>>> Thanks for the quick response.
>>> I confirm that text and consequently darcs HEAD build cleanly with GHC
>>> 6.8.3.
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