[darcs-users] some darcs comments from Johan Tibell

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Dec 26 02:43:17 UTC 2009

Trent W. Buck writes:

 > > Johan Tibell writes:
 > >> $ git diff master..integration  # All changes taken together to get an overview
 > >> $ git diff integration~2..integration~3  # Patch 3 (newest)
 > Isn't the latter equivalent to the simpler "git show
 > integration~3"?

As written, yes.  "git show" doesn't take the full suite of diff
options, though, so it's not as flexible.

 > >> * Incrementally building up the next commit using a staging area.
 > For haskell libraries, --builddir /var/tmp/staging ?

That's not what he means.  He's talking about using the index, eg.

$ gnuclient a.h a.c     # change prototype and implementation of foo
$ git add a.h a.c
$ gnuclient b.c         # update calls to foo
$ git add b.c
$ git commit -m "Improve foo and update callers."

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