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Reinier Lamers tux_rocker at reinier.de
Sat Dec 26 16:35:35 UTC 2009

Hi Ganesh and the rest,

Op dinsdag 22 december 2009 23:03 schreef Ganesh Sittampalam:
> Hi,
> With the freeze coming up, I thought I'd flag up various pieces of work 
> I've been doing in order to get feedback on what I should try to get into 
> 2.4. I think I've put it in rough order of priority as I see it.
> Also, there are a few feature patches that are stuck in the review system: 
> patch72 and patch106 in particular. I think in both cases they are 
> awaiting some action by the author, but failing that perhaps other people 
> should try to progress them. I certainly should be able to help with 
> patch106.
> There are also a bunch of my patches awaiting review (hint hint :-) but I 
> don't think any of them are particularly important to the release as they 
> are mostly code cleanups.
> Cheers,
> Ganesh
> - issue121 "wish: amend-record --ask-deps"

This is not on our to-be-fixed-for-2.4 list ( http://bugs.darcs.net/issue?@columns=title,id,activity,status,assignedto&@sort=activity&@group=priority&@filter=topic,status&@pagesize=50&@startwith=0&topic=34&status=-1,1,2,3,4,5,6,16,17&@dispname=Open2.4 ).

> - interactive patch editing
> I'm not sure we ever really finished the design of the user interface. We 
> probably should before 2.4...

We tried discussing this a number of times. I haven't tried this feature out
yet. It's really something we should have, but it's also easy to do it wrong.
If we can't get some more people to try it out and say if they consider this
a release quality UI, I'm afraid we should hold it until 2.5.

If I find the time to hack on my issues the coming weeks, I'll certainly find
an occasion to use this feature and give some feedback, but I can't guarantee
that precondition.
> - base-4/extensible exceptions code changes
> Nearly done - see patch119. This may be worth doing simply because it 
> reduces the flood of warnings with GHC 6.12. It also makes darcs as a 
> library more compatible with other code - see e.g. Marc Weber's recent 
> email on that subject.

Always a good thing, if you can send it before New Year's Eve. But it's not
terribly important, if darcs works just as well without the patches.

> - add witnesses in lots more places
> I've got every module compiling with witnesses, except for 
> Darcs.Commands.Changes and its dependencies (which is nasty for various 
> reasons). This will depend on patch117 and also some of the things I've 
> done will probably need some careful review from someone (most likely 
> Jason) and so should be taken slowly. Probably not a priority for 2.4.

Witnesses are not something end users notice directly, so they are not a release
priority. I would say that we should do another witnesses push after this
release, maybe around the hacking sprint in Zuerich?

> - darcs rebase (also known as transplant)
> I've got 
> quite a long way with the basic infrastructure for it, to the point that I 
> can use it myself to rebase patches, though it's not exactly user friendly 
> yet :-) 

Exciting to hear! I'm interested in hearing the UI design. I haven't studied
the darcs rebase plans to any depth, but I'd say we need a UI that makes hairy
things possible while making the senseful things the easiest.

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