[darcs-users] [Haskell-cafe] Switching from Mercurial to Darcs

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 02:05:42 UTC 2009

Petr Rockai <me at mornfall.net> writes:

> Christian Kellermann <Christian.Kellermann at nefkom.net> writes:
>> 1) darcs whatsnew --summary -l to see which files changed.
> To save typing, "darcs wh -sl" works just as fine.

This is congruent to "darcs w -l".

>> 5) darcs pull -a, note that this will change your working copy.

That's OK, because "hg pull -u" does that, too (the -u switch).

>> To check for conflicts before doing so, add the --dry-run flag.
> You can streamline with darcs pull -a --dont-allow-conflicts, which will also
> apply in the safe case (no conflicts).

Ooh.  And all this time I've been doing this fugly thing to avoid
a "darcs pull" introducing conflicts:

## "Kindly" push -- push all patches that don't introduce conflicts.
x=yd; while while darcs push "$@" <<<$x; do sleep 1; done; do x=n$x; done

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