[darcs-users] Darcs is broken on Windows with GHC 6.10.1 and "national" characters

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 08:14:53 UTC 2009

Salvatore Insalaco <kirby81 at gmail.com> writes:

> After some testing I noticed that Darcs (and probably other Haskell
> applications too) has serious issues handling filenames with "strange"
> characters (accented letters are not strange enough, euro symbol or
> russian characters are) on Windows when compiled with GHC 6.10.1. It
> works fine with GHC 6.8.3.
> Until the GHC team fix those issues, all the "semi-official" Windows
> builds starting with 2.1.1 will be done with GHC 6.8.3.

Can we add tests for this to tests/ or bugs/?

E.g. for i in 'α' '∑' '기' 'ア'; do touch $i; darcs rec -lam $i $i; done

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