[darcs-users] Google Summer of Code 2009 - ideas, students and mentors?

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Thu Feb 12 15:55:14 UTC 2009

Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> writes:
> * A Windows project: not sure what this would entail, but darcs on Windows
>   might need a bit of special attention
>       o 2008-08 : proposed as a priority for darcs 2.2 
Hard to tell. If someone would be interested, they can work out what this
entails and tell us. :)

> * A single-file database pristine cache, which should be faster and more robust
>   than our directory-based approach. e.g. a halfs filesystem.
>       o 2008: darcs 2.0.0 has hashed pristine, which is more robust, but it's not single-file. do we still want this? 
No, unless we want to abolish lazy repos. This is however something that could
very well be part of my work on hashed-storage, a more tightly-packed hashed
pristine (and also patches), by using some sort of generic pack generation.

> * Keeping track of which patches affect which files, to speed up query
>   operations that affect only certain files (e.g. changes, diff, etc, when
>   given a filename argument).
>       o 2008-06 status: I don't think we do this yet. Still open? 
This is still open, see my previous mail on this topic.

> * issue1007 Use Data.ByteString.Lazy for better performance
>       o 2008-08: we now have bytestrings... we just need lazy ones 
Partially covered by hashed-storage, which uses lazy bytestrings everywhere. It
currently does fairly costly conversion to strict bytestrings on the darcs <->
hashed-storage boundary, but that can be sorted out later.

> * issue647 A benchmark suite for darcs. Possibly make it version-control-system
>   independent, so we could have automated and meaningful performance benchmarks
>   against competitors? Would need to be flexible to simulate real workloads and
>   automatically generate real repositories.
>       o 2008: See http://code.google.com/p/maybench - very very early in development. Needs volunteers 
This could become a separate project (in the wider variant, with other-rcs
comparison). Maybe build on darcs-benchmark? I have no idea about maybench

All of the remaining
> * issue1009 Develop a new binary patch type that is more efficient in space and
>   time. Again, requires some sort of benchmarking.
>       o 2008-08: still open 
> * Add support for a character-based hunk patch type. May require tuning of the
>   LCS algorithm, if we want this to work for large files.
>       o 2008-06: still open 
> * Other interesting new patch types.
>       o 2008-06: still open and untouched 
> * Git backend support? See DarcsGit
>       o 2008-06: still open 
is still open.

> Any other thoughts?
I'll try to think about it.

> Students wanted
> ---------------
> I'm pleased to see we have a possible student lined up.  Is there
> anybody else on the list who would like to be a GSOC student for darcs?
> What are your ideas?
I have one more candidate that I could get into the game. I even considered
going for mentorship instead, although I guess me working as a student would
benefit darcs more. I'll talk to him about possible projects he could take up.

> Mentors wanted
Indeed, mentors are needed. :)

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