[darcs-users] Google Summer of Code 2009 - ideas, students and mentors?

Kari Hoijarvi hoijarvi at seas.wustl.edu
Thu Feb 12 17:37:36 UTC 2009

Gwern Branwen wrote:
>> Good and fast diff between two versions of a single file would be very
>> welcome. It's the last feature I still miss from TortoiseCVS,
>> Kari
> Is that very hard? filestore has that functionality, after all. IIRC,
> it was basically 'darcs changes --from-match="hash foo"
> --to-match="hash foo" file'.
Darcs changes gives list of patches. What I need is compare two versions 
of a file.

darcs diff --to-patch="my previous patch" file.cpp

This gives me the changes, but I'd have to parse the diff format, and 
process the file out of it. I'd rather have some darcs person to create 
a command like

darcs diff [any combination of patches for the first version] [any 
combination of patches for the second version] filename tempfile1 tempfile2

and I could just run kdiff with tempfile1 tempfile2.

darcs diff  is slow too, but that's minor.


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