[darcs-users] Grapefruit-based GUI for darcs?

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Thu Feb 12 18:11:56 UTC 2009

On Feb 12, 2009, at 9:20 AM, Gwern Branwen wrote:

> [Gitit] allows:

Here are my attempts to show the trac-darcs equivalents:

> * Highlighted diffs (eg.
> http://gitit.johnmacfarlane.net/Cheese/Yummy?diff&to=75ffcc1 )

Hm, I'm not sure trac-darcs has an equivalent.  Maybe this?


Especially if you set "Lines of Context" to max.

> * viewing the individual diff, more or less (eg.
> http://gitit.johnmacfarlane.net/Cheese/Yummy? 
> diff&from=1e9b2bf&to=f57a439
> )

I think this is the equivalent of:


(Choosing two arbitrary revisions and getting the diff between them.)

But again, I'm not sure.

> * viewing an individual diff's revision (eg.
> http://gitit.johnmacfarlane.net/Cheese/Yummy?revision=f57a439 )

You mean, "viewing an individual revision" ?


> * viewing the change represented by several patches (eg.
> http://gitit.johnmacfarlane.net/Cheese/Yummy? 
> diff&from=e55885d&to=ea884fc
> )

Oh wait, then *this* is is like the "from 3600 to 3572" link that I  
posted earlier?  What is the "viewing the individual diff" then?

It's funny how little I understand the Gitit terminology or what  
Gitit pages correspond to what trac-darcs pages.  Is "revision" a  
darcs patch?  Maybe it would help if they were both looking at the  
same source code.  Want to import tahoe into Gitit for me?  :-)

> * viewing the history of just a particular file (eg
> http://gitit.johnmacfarlane.net/Cheese/Yummy?history )


> or the entire
> repo ( http://gitit.johnmacfarlane.net/_activity )


Okay, now on the topic of a Grapefruit-based GUI for darcs, it would  
be cool to have this sort of information shown in the GUI, because it  
would be lower-latency than the Gitit or trac-darcs web sites, and  
could potentially be extended to do things that aren't easily done  
with websites.

However, personally, I would be more interested in seeing from a  
darcs GUI information that I *can't* currently see in Gitit or trac- 
darcs, perhaps decorated with hyperlinks which take you to a Gitit or  
trac-darcs view.



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