[darcs-users] Google Summer of Code 2009 - ideas, students and mentors?

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Thu Feb 12 21:59:55 UTC 2009

Max Battcher wrote:
> Kari Hoijarvi wrote:
>> darcs diff --to-patch="my previous patch" file.cpp
>> This gives me the changes, but I'd have to parse the diff format, and 
>> process the file out of it. I'd rather have some darcs person to 
>> create a command like
>> darcs diff [any combination of patches for the first version] [any 
>> combination of patches for the second version] filename tempfile1 
>> tempfile2
>> and I could just run kdiff with tempfile1 tempfile2.
> darcs show file filename --to-patch="hash foo" > tempfile1
> darcs show file filename --to-patch="hash bar" > tempfile2
> ?

Um...  I meant ``show contents``...  I always get that confused.  But I 
think the point comes across either way.

--Max Battcher--

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