[darcs-users] ANN: gorsvet 0.1

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Fri Feb 13 17:10:26 UTC 2009


I have just published a repository for gorsvet, a lightweight, currently
read-only, alternative client for darcs. It is based on hashed-storage and
darcslib. The repository URL is


you will also need latest hashed-storage:


It currently has 3 subcommands: optimize, diff and wh (no aliases, it's pretty
dumb). None will touch the darcs metadata, so they should be pretty safe to use
on any repository. To start using gorsvet, you need to run "gorsvet optimize"
-- this will create a hashed index for the working directory, under
_darcs/index. You can then use gorsvet wh (= darcs wh), gorsvet wh -s and
gorsvet diff. On bigger repos, all of these should be faster than equivalent
darcs commands by a wide margin.

It also implements subdirectory matches, but these are currently very
inefficient. Making them fast is currently incompatible with fast index
updates, but it isn't really hard to fix, just I didn't have time for that
yet. Neither it does look-for-adds.

Also, you will have to run gorsvet optimize manually after adding or removing
any files from the pristine cache or pending. For pending, this will be
resolved automatically in next version, for pristine changes, that will have to
wait a little.

Feedback is welcome!


PS: Yes, right, the name. Well, it's a complicated story, but it relates to how
"darcs" sounds a little like "dark" and how "gorsvet" or "горсвет" is an
organisation tending to public lighting in Russian cities (cf. Ночной дозор, or
Night Watch). Well, I told ya...

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