[darcs-users] planet.darcs.net updating again, are you on it ?

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Fri Feb 13 18:30:33 UTC 2009

http://planet.darcs.net had stopped updating due to a system upgrade  
in january. Sorry about that, thanks to Eric for noticing. I thought  
the blogs were quiet. Back to normal now.

What is the planet ? It's a blog aggregator. Large projects usually  
have one of these so you don't have to find and subscribe your feed  
reader to every individual blog. It's an efficient way to stay current  
with interesting developments, and it tends to encourage more and  
better blog-writing and attracts interest from outside the project.  
Currently our planet aggregates four bloggers plus blog.darcs.net  
where Darcs News is posted.

Are you on the planet ? If you have a blog with a high proportion of  
darcs-related content, or one with a darcs-specific category feed,  
please send the feed url to me so I can add you. You can also add  
yourself, or work on the planet configuration, by getting the darcs  
repo linked in the sidebar. If you don't have such a blog, today is a  
good day to start one! Another option might be to ask Eric for posting  
rights on blog.darcs.net. I haven't got one myself, I'm working on  


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