[darcs-users] darcs and Google Summer of Code

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at acme.softbase.org
Wed Feb 18 11:53:23 UTC 2009

Am Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009 10:54 schrieb Eric Kow:
> The first is to work towards a sort of graphical interface for darcs (as
> has been suggested on this list).  I suspect that we what we will likely
> do with this idea is to refine it into something that may either be
> part of a GUI (like a patch dependency viewer), or which will make it
> much easier for third parties to write a GUI in the future.

What do you mean with “something which will make it much easier for third 
parties to write a GUI in the future”?

> I'll note that last year, we had a few interested students for this year and
> a potential mentor (Shelarcy from wxHaskell).  Hopefully we can call on
> them again this year?  There is also some work by Wolgang Jeltsch

Wol*f*gang, please. :-) 

> and students that we could talk about extending into a GSoC project.

I would really like if patch viewer and GUI GSoC plans would be coordinated 
with me. There will probably some students that will start working on a darcs 
GUI next week. In addition there might be other students working on a patch 
viewer in spring or summer.

> We are also keeping a summary of this discussion here with our active
> ideas:
>   http://wiki.darcs.net/index.html/GoogleSummerOfCode

How can I get write access for this page?

I’ve put myself as a potential mentor on the old Haskell SoC ticket 
(<http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/summer-of-code/ticket/17>). However, one or 
two years ago I was told that mentoring is a very time-consuming thing (and 
to my knowledge, you don’t get any payments for that, at least for Haskell 
projects). So if some other person wants to mentor a Grapefruit-based GUI or 
patch viewer project, I’d be very happy and would support this person the 
best I can.

Best wishes,

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