[darcs-users] darcs-2 push via sudo fails with darcs: fd:6: hPutBuf: resource vanished (Broken pipe)

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Fri Feb 20 01:49:03 UTC 2009

Chris Fanini wrote:
> Hello All,
> We've just upgraded from darcs-1.0.9 to darcs-2. 
> When trying to initiate a 'sudo darcs push' we receive the following 
> error: darcs: fd:6: hPutBuf: resource vanished (Broken pipe).
> It seems there is some other file operation taking place that may be 
> failing because the user does not have proper permissions.  Has anyone 
> else experienced this?  Any suggestions for moving forward?

Why are you using `sudo` with a darcs push?  My first bet is that the 
Broken Pipe is caused by some interaction of processes due to `sudo` 
interaction.  I don't know of any good reasons to deal with repositories 
outside of a user's normal permissions, so you may try chmod the files 
(or darcs get a fresh user copy of the files) and running just darcs 
push without sudo.  Or you could try something like `sudo -i` to create 
an elevated tty session, but I would use that as a last resort.

--Max Battcher--

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