[darcs-users] Should patch-tag try to prevent inconsistent repos? (as happstack currently is)

Thomas Hartman thomashartman1 at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 22 03:12:47 UTC 2009

How bad is it to have an inconsistent repo? (Which is currently the
case for happstack, as see below.)

For one thing, I suspect (though not 100% sure) that gitit in darcs
mode has icky buggy behavior when the repo is inconsistent. Perhaps
there are other problems well?

Should patch-tag.com try to prevent repo inconsistencies? This is
(maybe?) possible by running darcs check as a hook when getting pushed
to, and rejecting patches if they would result in repo
inconsistency... Assuming this is possible, is it desirable?

PS I suggest replying to patch-tag-users public google group to keep
the thread in one place :)


thartman at ubuntulaptop:~/tmp>darcs get tphyahoo at patch-tag.com:/r/happstack
Copying patches, to get lazy repository hit ctrl-C...
Finished getting.
thartman at ubuntulaptop:~/tmp>cd happstack/
thartman at ubuntulaptop:~/tmp/happstack>darcs check
WARNING: Fixing removal of non-empty file
WARNING: Fixing removal of non-empty file

Looks like we have a difference...

Inconsistent repository!
Found broken patches.

Thomas Hartman

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