[darcs-users] playing with gorsvet a bit

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Sun Feb 22 09:41:17 UTC 2009


Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> writes:
> I wanted to give a gorsvet a spin, so I did:
>  cd /the/nfs-share
>  darcs get largish-repo tmp-largish-repo
>  cd tmp-largish-repo
>  gorsvet optimize
You should have gotten a lot of "writing foo" messages there already I guess?

>  gorsvet wh
> ... and then I got a lot of messages like
>   writing Hash (Just 100,"97297b253db565d97588afb572bd0970963ccb660acffe0b4b8f13578a66825b")
>   writing Hash (Just 98,"29d9a857b72af4f366e3d8f0e72738e0f28697cc4f87933b09e3b95190fbad40")
>   writing Hash (Just 100,"967b56ccd1b9a6164cb369bdc2b4f81d0a57e4a8605c33db3333ea864b944123")
> Is that normal? I get it if I run it again, for what it's worth.
No, unless you changed lots of files since the last run. Something might be
wrong with the indexes or with timestamps on your machine. It's not a
big-endian box by any chance? I have only tested on x86 so far, no 64b or
anything. Also, the bug is almost certainly in hashed-storage, as gorsvet is
fairly thin by itself, at least as far as filesystem operations go.

I guess it'd be helpful to implement a way to dump the index. In the meantime,
you could tar up the whole repository (including _darcs/index) and upload it
somewhere. Thanks!

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