[darcs-users] annoyance with darcs convert . (darcs convert dot, aka the current directory)

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Sun Feb 22 20:30:57 UTC 2009

> I suppose I will need to convert and push again.


I didn't get the full picture on this.  What repository are you trying
to push to?  I notice you said it was a darcs-2 repository, but what
darcs-2 repository?  Is it some sort of branch of the repository you are
pushing from (or vice-versa?)

I keep worrying about this point because converting branches separately
is a *big mistake* [ however much I wish it wasn't :-( ]   If you are
pushing to a related repository that was converted separately, you may
run into trouble of the subtle and dangerous kind (hence our big warning
and elaborate forcing function).  If you are just pushing to some wholly
unrelated repository, you should be ok.

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 07:35:13 -0800, Thomas Hartman wrote:
> Well, it certainly confused me! I would say disallow, or at least
> warn. I'm now doubting whether I am in a darcs-2 repository after all,
> since I edited _darcs/format manually.

You do not.

The darcs-2 repository was created as a subdirectory of the current one,
with the same name.

For what it's worth, it should never be necessary to edit the
_darcs/format file.

> After some reflection, I think the most intuitive thing to do might be
> to make convert a flag to darcs get, like
> darcs get --converto-to-darcs-2
> The word "convert" followed by that elaborate warning message confused
> me into thinking it was doing something destructive to the directory.

Interesting point.  I think I would welcome any sort of mechanism to
prevent common confusions or errors, or to make the warnings clearer
or more concise still.

I doubt major UI changes of this sort or debates about them would be
very productive, on the other hand.   So my main interest would be on
simpler things (e.g. improved warnings, or forcing functions)

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