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(carefully avoiding your name :-P)

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 16:08:18 +0100, Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> Tomorrow, I will discuss with the first half of my student project students 
> (3 students) about what exact topic they will pursue. My idea is to let them 
> start a Grapefruit-based darcs GUI. They should not use the currenct darcs 
> interface directly where it doesn’t fit GUI frontends well. Instead they 
> should write a wrapper around the “ugly” parts which exposes a “nice” 
> interface. Later, one could merge this wrapper into the darcs codebase so 
> that darcs exports the “nice” interface then. The GUI code wouldn’t have to 
> change much then.

It would be interesting to see how they get on writing their wrapper
around the darcs "library" as opposed to making darcs invocations
(although if you were to go the latter route, I noticed that the
patch-tag folks have uploaded a 'DarcsHelpers' package which may be
of some use.

> In April, the second half of the students will start with their project. If 
> there is some graphics support in Grapefruit at that time then they might 
> work on a patch viewer.
> What do you think about that?

In addition to my previous suggestion that the students hang out in
#darcs, maybe they could start some sort of blog detailing their
progress, and with the occasional screenshot?  It would be a great
addition to the darcs planet:



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