[darcs-users] optimize --reorder-patches no longer needed by hashed darcs-2 format?

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Mon Jan 5 09:06:44 UTC 2009

On Monday 29 December 2008, Eric Kow wrote:
> I agree with this sentiment about the sense of perspective, but I think
> it's a good idea to moderate the point about lazy programmers.
> The purpose of being a lazy programmer is for us to serve our users
> better, and sometimes that means sacrificing things which are good for
> the user so that we can accomplish /other/ things which we hope are
> better for that same user.  So arguments in favour of laziness should
> be considered in that light, i.e. as a deliberate resource-allocation
> decision, and should not be looked down upon.

That's not what I had in mind. My point was about the cases where someone 
disconsiders some part of the program he views as not that important and 
deliberately reduces the resources for that part because he thinks it's 
not worth it. When it comes to user interfaces, the primary concern is to 
make the interface easy to use and remember by the user, not to write 
less lines of code.


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