[darcs-users] Patch-tag.com launch: project hosting for darcs

Thomas Hartman thomashartman1 at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 22 01:35:15 UTC 2009

Fellow darcs users, I would like to announce my project community
hosting site for darcs.


Patch-tag is in limited beta at the moment. I have no idea how well it
will scale with a lot of users, so for now I am going to stop
enrollment after 100 users.

Patch-tag works with darcs 1 and darcs 2 repos, but from my experience
performance is a lot better with darcs 2, so I encourage everyone to
use v2 where possible.

Patch-tag is built on a haskell stack: haskell, happs, macid. While
trolling the web for new users, I will probably blog about the pros
and cons of using this new and exciting but not yet well-battle-tested
technology. My happs evangelism website happstutorial.com is a good
place to learn about this, and in fact patch-tag probably shares >75%
of code with happstutorial if anybody out there would like to follow
in my footsteps with other happs "2.0" commerciall-y sites.

Among other things, I hope that patch-tag will gain traction as a
community site for haskell users, darcs users, and other denizens of
the fp underground. For those of you who would like a closer glimpse
behind the scenes at what is going on, I also extend invitations to
join my private google group haskell-startup.

Patch-tag also appears to have found its first customer: it is being
used as the project hosting site for Matt Elder's fork of the happs
project, which was also announced today:


So everybody please cheer Matt for pulling the trigger on this as well.

Happy hacking!


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