[darcs-users] Tiping darcs on changes

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 11 01:00:22 UTC 2009

When we 'darcs record', darcs make a list of changes we
made. Sometimes, however, two different edits became a single
one, or a change is not exactly what we intended.

What about having an option to edit a change when reviewing it
in 'darcs record'? If we had something like this:


going to


we could edit a text file that would say that 'AAA' to 'CCC'
is a change, and darcs would deduce that 'BBB' to 'DDD' would
be a next change.

Does that make sense? Maybe "editing" could be restricted to
just selecting a number of lines n1 and n2 from the start of
respectively the old text and the new, and a change would be
made from the first n1 lines of old text to n2 first lines of
new text. I think this would ensure some consistency.


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