[darcs-users] Changes relative to a remote repository

Trent W. Buck twb at cybersource.com.au
Wed Jul 15 01:10:07 UTC 2009

Ashley Moran <ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk> writes:

> On 14 Jul 2009, at 02:51, Trent W. Buck wrote:
>> You can do it with pull, but apparently not with push.
>>    darcs pull --complement --repo B A A'
> Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking!  Is there any reason why
> darcs lets you do it with pull but not push?

I don't know.  All I can suggest is that you file a feature request bug.

I'm guessing it's because push is really "dumb" -- push is more or less
darcs send piping its output into darcs apply on the remote end.

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