[darcs-users] darcs patch: Recognize a special DARCS_TESTING_PREFS_... (and 2 more)

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Wed Jul 15 15:22:38 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 09:56:55 +0200, Petr Rockai wrote:
> the attached patches, together with hashed-storage 0.3.6 (mostly just waiting
> for mmap 0.4 to hit hackage) should make darcs pass the testsuite on win32. My
> instance of win32 was also seeing the same DeleteFiles failures we had on the
> buildbot, so there should be no more excuses to have the windows buildslave
> green.
> I have applied the patches on the release branch.

I tried pushing these to the main branch along with your branch-2.3 patches for
beta 4, but I get failures for old-fashioned tests.  The harness isn't telling me
which ones though:

   Running tests for format: darcs-2
   All tests OK
   Running tests for format: hashed
   All tests OK
   Running tests for format: old-fashioned-inventory
   Running unrecord-add.sh ...                      passed.
   Running unrecord-dont-prompt.sh ...              passed.
   Running unrecord-remove.sh ...                   passed.
   Setup: user error (Tests failed)
   The repository is consistent!
   Running test...
   Test failed!

The candidates appear to be

Also, one doubt at the end, but I'll just ask if Ganesh could check it,
since the two of you know what you're doing.
Recognize a special DARCS_TESTING_PREFS_DIR envvar to override the
global preference directory.
> -global_prefs_dir = (getAppUserDataDirectory "darcs" >>= return.Just)
> -                   `catchall` (return Nothing) +global_prefs_dir = do
> +  env <- getEnvironment +  case lookup "DARCS_TESTING_PREFS_DIR" env
> of +    Just d -> return (Just d) +    Nothing ->
> (getAppUserDataDirectory "darcs" >>= return.Just) +
> `catchall` (return Nothing)

Well, this has ping-ponged a bit, but now we'll know to be a bit more
careful about changing it again.

Use DARCS_TESTING_PREFS_DIR in ShellHarness, since APPDATA override does not work.

Use mmapFilePS in gzReadFilePS to avoid lazy bytestring readFile.
>  It turns out that the lazy readFile does not close the filedescriptor soon
>  enough in some cases and causes DeleteFile failures on win32. mmapFilePS uses
>  mmap when available and falls back to strict bytestring readFile, neither of
>  which causes these issues.

> -               in fmap B.concat . (doDecompress =<<) $
> -                        -- bytestring < 0.9.1 had a bug where it did not know to close handles upon EOF
> -                        -- performance would be better with a newer bytestring and lazy
> -                        -- readFile below -- ratify readFile: comment
> -                        fmap (BL.fromChunks . (:[])) $
> -                        B.readFile f  -- ratify readFile: immediately consumed
> -#else
> -                        BL.readFile f -- ratify readFile: immediately consumed by the conversion to a strict bytestring
> -#endif
> +               compressed <- (BL.fromChunks . return) `fmap` mmapFilePS f
> +               B.concat `fmap` doDecompress compressed

I don't yet understand the significance of the
(BL.fromChunks .  return) here.

Ganesh, any chance you'd be able to comment?

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