[darcs-users] Naming consistency between darcs and other DVCSs

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 18:29:55 UTC 2009

On 15 Jul 2009, at 12:18, Eric Kow wrote:

> As far as I understand, Mercurial's rollback is our obliterate,
> Git's revert is our rollback and our revert is Git's reset.
> This makes it very confusing when you're trying to talk about things
> to folks that use other systems.

My client Andy had *no* trouble understanding obliterate after I'd  
shown unrecord.  He told me exactly what it'd do before I ran it.  So  
I think this one's a keeper.

`darcs discard-changes` would work if `darcs whatsnew` was actually  
called `darcs changes`, but migh be confusing otherwise.  An I don't  
use git much, and have never used `git revert`, I can't comment on the  
confusion there.

> Thanks for the comments, Dan and all!  Keep up coming.  I don't want
> to discourage this, just to make sure I make it clear that this
> discussion will not have any concrete impact for a long long time.

Maybe there should be a wiki page or something to record the arguments  
for and against each term?  Perhaps by darcs 3 or 4 an internally- and  
externally-consistent set of command names could be put together.  (Or  
you'd at least have justification for why they stayed as they are.)



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