[darcs-users] Screencasts again (Re: Naming consistency between darcs and other DVCSs)

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Thu Jul 16 12:46:44 UTC 2009

On 16 Jul 2009, at 08:02, Max Battcher wrote:

> The most useful other alias I can think of would be ``darcs info``  
> as a hidden alias for ``darcs show repo``. (Similar to ``svn info``,  
> which apparently is a relatively common svn command for me. I've  
> never mistakenly tried ``darcs info``, myself, but I have learned  
> that neither hg nor git provide an info command either.)

This is yet another command I've never seen before.  More and more I'm  
thinking a series of screencasts that describe all the features of  
darcs would be a BIG BIG win.  Especially since even Eric didn't know  
about `annotate -p`! ;o)  Advanced concepts like a patch that depends  
on two conflicting patches *not* resolving the conflict when

Having done a "screencast-style" presentation I've realised it's not  
actually that hard.  You'd want to put more thought upfront into it  
than I did, to make it clear what's happening.  But beyond that, it's  
just a matter of putting a few hours of typing (and narrating, I  
guess) in.

It's actually something I'd enjoy doing - it'd make a welcome change  
from coding.  Would anyone like me to have a stab at a short one as a  
proof of concept?



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