[darcs-users] How to split up a big repo

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Fri Jul 17 09:56:38 UTC 2009

I have a darcs repo that has been getting bigger over the
years. And bigger, and bigger. Now it is quite unmanageable.

At the beginning, there were many files in the root of the
repo. But long ago I organized it into separate subdirectories.
Now there are only a few left in the root.

Since that re-organization, I don't recall ever needing to
record a patch that touched files in more than one
subdirectory at once. My guess is that even before the
re-organization, no patch touched files that eventually
went into different subdirectories; but who knows for sure.

In order to be able to keep working, I now need to split up
this repo into a separate repo for each subdirectory tree off
the root. Of course, I need to preserve the history within
each subdirectory tree. There are 43 such subdirectory

So, how do I go about doing this?


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