[darcs-users] How to split up a big repo

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Fri Jul 17 13:03:07 UTC 2009

Petr Rockai wrote:
> If your gripes are about repository-local operations (i.e. not pushing and
> pulling patches around, as that is a different problem), it may be that darcs
> 2.4 will improve that experience a lot.

Well, I do pull and push it, but that's not really my problem.

Mainly, I'm finding that I have include all kinds of context
information in every patch name manually, and then try to
remember what I wrote whenever doing any kind of search.

I could use that 'touch' thing, or other match tools. But it's
just not the right way to work. These have really become
separate projects now, they need to be separate repos.

I think this is a natural kind of evolution that often happens,
so it's worthwhile thinking through the right way to do this
in darcs.


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