[darcs-users] How to split up a big repo

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Sun Jul 19 13:50:24 UTC 2009

Hi Lele,

Lele Gaifax wrote:
> If the fact that a single patch "spanning" multiple directories is a
> problem (and thus makes Eric' solution not ideal),

Yes, it turns out that's the case.

> tailor could maybe
> help for the problematic subdirs.

Yeah, tailor is nice. And thanks for the
sample config.

Actually, my first thought was indeed to do this
by hacking at the repo with some kind of
scripting. With Darcs 1, I probably would
have done that, but with Darcs 2 I feel
a little out of my depth.

Is there any way to dump *all* of the information
in a Darcs 2 repo into some scriptable format -
xml, or whatever - and then recreate the
repo after modification?

> (eventually in darcs-2 format...)

So this won't work yet for Darcs 2?


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