[darcs-users] Question about xml --summary output

jh granarolo jhgranarolo at hotmail.fr
Sun Jul 19 18:45:44 UTC 2009


I am currently working on a web repository browser application, which should be able to build and display a file tree for any patch present in a Darcs repository.

To build the tree, I use "darcs changes --summary --xml-output --reverse --match 'hash ...'" and then parse the xml output. 

At first it seemed to work, but I noticed some inconsistencies in the file tree built, and apparently it's because I don't fully understand the format of the output. 

Here is an example of a patch where I don't know what I am supposed to do : (repo from http://ocsigen.org/darcs/ocsigen.dev)

    <move from="http/ocsiconfig.ml.IN" to="baselib/ocsiconfig.ml.IN"/>
    <move from="META1" to="META.in"/>
    <move from="META2" to="META2.in"/>
    META.in<added_lines num='4'/>

Here I would tend to think that the file META1 is first moved to META.in, then another file named META1 is added to the repository, and this is what I do when I build the tree. 
But " darcs get --to-match 'hash the-hash-of-this-patch' " disagrees with me : the copy of the repository obtained only contains the file META.in.

I tried to reproduce this kind of changelog on a test repository, without success : I only obtain the same output when a file "META1" is actually added to the repository after the first one has been moved.

Any suggestion on how to handle this ? (or maybe on a better way to build the file tree for a given patch?)


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