[darcs-users] Question about xml --summary output

jh granarolo jhgranarolo at hotmail.fr
Mon Jul 20 08:51:02 UTC 2009


> Have you compared ``darcs annotate -p 'The name of the patch in question'`` 
> (or the 'p'ager operation in ``darcs changes -i``) to see if the order 
> of primitive patches makes more sense there? If that is the case it may 
> be useful to check the bug tracker for an issue on this reordering (I 
> think there might be one) or otherwise file a new one.

It seems there is indeed a reordering, now is this wanted or is this a bug ? 

Here is what I get from 'darcs annotate -p 'patchname' ' :

hunk ./META 1
-description = "Tools for Ocsigen"
-version = "0.3.x"
-requires = "netstring"
-archive(byte) = "ocsimore.cma"
rmfile ./META
addfile ./META1
move ./META1 ./META.in
addfile ./META2
move ./META2 ./META2.in

Now with 'darcs annotate --summary -p 'patchname' ':

./META1 -> ./META.in
./META2 -> ./META2.in
M ./META.in +4
R ./META2.in

> As for a better way to do what you are doing: if I knew the context of 
> what you are doing I might suggest you take some other approach or just 
> handle gracefully any error conditions you are dealing with. I've got a 
> feeling that what you are trying to do is not necessarily what you want 
> to be doing...

Well, I am working on a forge project, and I would like to do something like what Trac offers for repository browsing.
The key part is that the repository browsing must work for any patch, not only the latest one. 
So I must be able to get the same kind of information that 'darcs show files' provides but for any patch (with some other infos like file author, last patch in which it was modified etc..), but sadly there is no --match or patch for this command. 

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