[darcs-users] Question about xml --summary output

jh granarolo jhgranarolo at hotmail.fr
Mon Jul 20 20:16:17 UTC 2009

> It'd be better to implement this in darcs (i.e. add the required --match
> option). See http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1499Thanks, I look forward to this feature !

> Yes, the fact that darcs rearranges the hunks, at least in presence of
> --xml, always surprised me! In particular, it always shows "moves"
> before anything else.

Same here. 

As I see things, something like this :

addfile A
move A B

implies that A was first added then moved to B, resulting in a repository containing only B.

But this : 

move A B
addfile A

should, at least for me, always mean that A was moved to B, 
then another file named A was added, resulting in a repository containing A and B.

But as I said in the previous mail, it happens that before reordering it was (add, move). 

Even if I am still not sure under what circumstances this happened, 
this is the case on the repository I did my tests, so this is a situation where reordering made things ambiguous.

So what is the reason behind the moves reordering ? 
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