[darcs-users] cheap in-repo local branches (just needs implementation)

Grant Husbands darcsusers at grant.x43.net
Wed Jul 22 18:47:58 UTC 2009

Max Battcher <me at worldmaker.net> wrote:
> There is no need for a "new kind of context". ``darcs changes --context`` is
> just fine. You suggest that darcs does magic when the tag at the bottom of a
> context is missing, but it is fairly simple process:

It is relatively simple, yes, but insufficient. The original proposal
has it such that Darcs cannot see both of the branches/repos at the
same time and is given the context file for one as a substitute for
having access to it. When it finds that that context is insufficient,
it doesn't have an easy way of getting more. It has neither the
filename nor the content for the tag-patch or for the next inventory

One might say that we could fix that by using the inventory file
rather a generated context. Indeed we could, and I'd propose something
even stronger, as will soon appear in my reply to Eric.

In reply to the rest of your email, I would say that, yes, if you
assume away the working copy, then it's all very simple. I'd just
suggest that it's then not very useful. At least not to any of the
users I work with.


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