[darcs-users] darcs convert

Max Brown max.e.brown at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 15:21:47 UTC 2009

Hm, that does not seem to work either.

> Three questions, if I may:
> 1. Have you been using a Darcs 1 client until the time you decided
>   to do the conversion?  Or have you long upgraded to Darcs 2
>   without also upgrading your repository?
I just to darcs 2 just now, and was using darcs 1 up until yesterday.

> 2. What happens when you do:
>    darcs get --old-fashioned hrm

$ darcs get --old-fashioned ~/work/hrm
Unapplicable patch:
Tue Jan 16 20:51:15 CET 2007  bruche at cemfi.es
  * Preliminarily finished short.

darcs failed:  Error applying hunk to file ./irates/irates.tex

> 3. And also
>    darcs get --hashed hrm

$ darcs get --hashed hrm
Directory '/Users/max/darcs2/hrm' already exists, creating repository
as '/Users/max/darcs2/hrm_0'

darcs failed:  Error applying hunk to file ./irates/irates.tex

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