[darcs-users] darcs 2.3 beta 1

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Wed Jun 24 09:45:46 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 11:21:36 +0200, Petr Rockai wrote:
> I'd like to announce immediate availability of a first beta release of darcs
> 2.3.

Awesome, thanks!  I like your darcs-beta idea.  Now we can just tell
people to cabal update and cabal install darcs-beta, and they'll know
exactly what they're getting.  Plus it helps us directly test what we're
distributing by using "cabal install darcs-beta" ourselves.

>  * gzip CRC checking and repair feature (Ganesh)

I assume my job is to pull patches from

One small complaint: I don't mean to be too picky about process here,
but I think it's a good idea for patches to flow from mainline into the
release branches, rather than the other way around.  Don't get me wrong,
I understand that it makes sense for things like Cabal tweaks and
ChangeLog entries and tags to just get done and sent later for
expediency.  In particular, I would have been a lot happier to see
Ganesh's zlib patches (like all other patches) go through a public
review before they got applied to a darcs we expect people to use. [*]

Speaking of which, I had asked Christian on IRC if he could do this a
while ago.  Christian: have you had a chance to write this up yet?
Don't worry too much about review quality :-) I'm more concerned about
getting the job done than perfect.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this release.  Thanks, all!

[*] I think you may have mentioned off hand that you'll do a review of
    these before applying them, in which case thanks!  Just don't
    forget to tell us (esp Ganesh) about it :-)

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