[darcs-users] Suggestion: Compile Setup for the Cabal build

Thorkil Naur naur at post11.tele.dk
Sun Mar 1 21:28:37 UTC 2009

Hello Zooko,

On Sunday 01 March 2009 11:25, Thorkil Naur wrote:
> ...
> Sorry, this change that I introduced causes the Windows buildbot slave to 
> ...
> Briefly recapitulating, I have replaced
> > runghc Setup build
> > runghc Setup test
> > runghc Setup test network
> by
> > ghc --make Setup -o Setup
> > ./Setup build
> > ./Setup test
> > ./Setup test network
> to reduce resource consumption.

It turned out that resource consumption was still excessive, so I have 
unpulled the change. In this process, I had to also reinstate a change by 
kowey that added --verbose to the configure command.

> And that change doesn't work on Windows. 

So this problem is hopefully gone again.

> ---

So, whenever convenient, could you please pull the buildbot configuration and 
restart the buildbot master to make this change effective?

Thank you very much and best regards

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