[darcs-users] HTTP Redirect Support

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Sun Mar 1 22:36:41 UTC 2009

Hey fellow darcs users!

I've got something I've been wondering for a few weeks now and thought 
about testing it myself, but I think someone may have experience with 
this already:

How well does darcs deal with HTTP redirects?  How many people make use 
of HTTP redirected URLs for repositories?

I'm worried that it might differ across HTTP libraries, but I'm 
expecting for the most part darcs handles redirects "transparently" with 
each HTTP library "just doing the right thing".

One particular scenario I'm interested in/curious about:

Suppose that darcs gets a HTTP redirect (particularly an HTTP 301 
Permanent Redirect) for a few important files (say _darcs/format and/or 
_darcs/inventory) is it currently "smart" enough to switch to getting 
the rest of the files with relation to the redirected paths?  If not, is 
there any interest in this as a feature/enhancement? (I'd be happy to 
submit it to round-up if that is the case.)

An example to illustrate the question / possibly preferred method of 

$ darcs get http://project.example.com/repo/
darcs asks for http://project.example.com/reponame/_darcs/format and is 
301 redirected to http://repos.example.com/project/reponame/_darcs/format
darcs asks for http://project.example.com/reponame/_darcs/inventory and 
is 301 redirected to 
darcs skips trying 
and directly requests 

I haven't decided whether or not it would be nice/useful for darcs to 
subsequently modify defaultrepo (given the case that it is using the 
defaultrepo) to reflect a redirect.

Such redirection "smarts" can be useful for moving projects and also 
useful for load balancing (such as a nice, easy to remember repository 
URL redirecting to a faster/better server with a longer, less useful URL).

--Max Battcher--

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