[darcs-users] Converting MoinMoin to Markdown/RST

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 06:31:23 UTC 2009

I'm packing up for today, here's the last status update.

On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 03:00:22PM +1100, Trent W. Buck wrote:
> - "git-foo" becomes "git foo" in git 1.6
> - Some revisions change nothing (particularly in BadContent), causing
>   "git commit" to exit unsuccessfully.  Solved by deleting such
>   entries from the global edit-log.

Refactored; the first was already there but I had broken it with the
s/git-foo/git foo/ change.

> To do still:
> - Within Python, unicode strings are being created with e.g. "ö"
>   instead of "ö", indicating that something (probably the moinmoin
>   libraries) are incorrectly decoding UTF-8 bytes as ISO 8859-1.
>   Eric, can you please also provide me with a copy of /etc/moin?  I'm
>   still trying to work out WHERE moinmoin is told to use ISO 8859-1,
>   so I can tell it otherwise.
>   It may also be helpful to grep -r 'latin.1\|iso.8859.1' over
>   relevant places.  I don't *think* the -*- coding -*- declarations at
>   the top of the files in /etc/moin affect anything other than the
>   encoding of those source files themselves, but that's the next thing
>   I'm going to try.

Not started.

> - Change "git foo" invocations to "darcs foo".

Working!  "darcs changes -i" lists changes in a super happy fun way
(but the conversion is still happening, it's a very slow process).

Once the conversion is done, I'll work out a way to make the resulting
repo available (at least to Gwern and Eric).

Add a new subtask:

- use --pipe to pass the date to darcs record, which requires
  rewriting large parts of the conversion script because there is no
  option --date.  Alternatively, implement --date locally.  The latter
  is probably easier.


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