[darcs-users] gitit test instance now running, please test it!

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Wed Mar 4 22:06:07 UTC 2009

Mark Stosberg wrote:
> I hope 'gitit' can support the automatic table-of-contents for longer
> pages, like MoinMoin could.

ReStructuredText provides a contents directive that is simple and easy 
to use.  Once a page gets long just scroll up to near the top where you 
want it and add as a paragraph on its own:

.. contents::

ReST will magically fill in that paragraph with the page's contents.

(I don't know if pandoc supports it, but docutils also provides 
mechanisms for an embedding environment to grab the table of contents. 
Such a tool can be used to auto-populate a handy sidebar with the table 
of contents, as well.)

--Max Battcher--

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