[darcs-users] Repository as a branch

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 5 11:11:30 UTC 2009

I have tried everything you suggest, but I'm going to try again
with more effort and then report the result.

>> With that, added to the fact that I can't guarantee I'll be able
>> to 'darcs push' every time I leave home or office, and I have
>> the same problem.

> _Why not_ force yourself to darcs push every time you switch repos? It's 
> not a bad habit to get into.

I tried to. But the problem is, branches usually start with
throw away ideas. Taking time to name a repo after some code I
don't even know what is going to be is difficult. I would not
like to have 10 repositories like 'projectx_test1', 'projectx_test2'
etc. in the server, all of then full of patches named 'cosmetic1',
'smallattempt1' etc. These throw away ideas usually start as
patches I won't push, or even as code I leave as 'whatsnew' and
don't make then into a patch at all, and sometimes evolve to
a new independent module.

> Maybe I'm getting closer to what your issue is: you are thinking in a 
> one-repository only allowed on the server or branching-is-hard 
> mentality. (...)

Branching could not be easier, it's impossible to question that. It
takes some time, however, to check where a given branch fits. There
is where I thought darcs hability to find common contexts between
sequences of patches would be helpfull in a multiple branch repository.
It would also be nice to keep many sequences of patches in a repo
after I realize they are trying to acchieve the same, but without
merging then until I think it's time to do so.

> (...) you need to forget the CVS/SVN world where repositories are
 > hard to setup (and maintain) (...)

I'm blessed I never had to use one of those :)

> Returning back to the conversation on commercial hosting I said that in 
> my own plans I expect to offer virtually "unlimited" number of 
> repositories and this is partly why. (...)

My problem is: with lot and lot of repos, how are going to remember
what they are, or where they fit in the project history? Usually,
when ideas take shape, they come from pieces of code scraped in
many places, that need to be joined into a single new repo.


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