[darcs-users] _real_ cygwin build?

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 01:33:47 UTC 2009

Tuomo Valkonen <tuomov at iki.fi> writes:

> On 2009-03-05 09:15 +0100, Salvatore Insalaco wrote:
>> It is a big repository? It was sensibly faster on linux? Could you
>> post the result of "darcs show repo"?
> http://modeemi.fi/~tuomov/repos/ion-3/

This repo is in the legacy hashed format.  I recommend you do a test
conversion to darcs-2 format and see if that improves matters.

I also note that the repo has tags, but doesn't appear (AFAICT) to have
any checkpoints.  This forces users doing a "darcs get" to perform a
complete checkout, which is quite slow.  You can create a checkpoint

    darcs optimize --checkpoint

Note that checkpoints are not useful for repositories in darcs-2 format.

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