[darcs-users] _real_ cygwin build?

Tuomo Valkonen tuomov at iki.fi
Fri Mar 6 15:35:21 UTC 2009

On 2009-03-06, Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> wrote:
> Maybe --debug --timings output can help?

Didn't provide anything that seemed useful to me.

Now on one run it printed only one 'reading pristine' line,
while typically it prints tens of them. Maybe it's getting 
faster. Perhaps the realdarcs.exe hack was interfering. More
reports later.

> Also, the global cache lives in %UserProfile%\Application Data\darcs\cache
> Is it getting populated?


A few other annoyances with the non-cygwin pseudo-deterministic 
windows-*nix darcs build:

Quite unresponsive to ^C. Basically, if darcs hangs, the entire
terminal/shell is dead and useless. And pressing ^C itself can
cause that.

How do I pass TZ=UTC from my publication/feed-generation scripts?
Or, alternatively, how do I parse the 'date' intead of 'local_date'
field of 'darcs changes --xml' with xslt?

*sigh* A _real_ cygwin build would be so much simpler.
Native windows command-line apps are pointless; it isn't
targeted for command-line use. Better use a full real
command line environment within it, such as cygwin.

*sigh* super-lame GHC.

Stop Gnomes and other pests! Purchase Windows today!

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