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On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 01:17:44 +0900, shelarcy wrote:
> I think you must write Takahiro in this sentense. Because my first name is Takahiro.
> Kido is a family name.
> I write my name following style in Japan, FamilyName  FirstName. So, I wrote above style.
> Most Japanse wrote FirstName FamilyName style, but we write FamilyName FirstName in Japan.
> So, I write FamilyNam FirstName style to respect mother country style (We says above
> philosophy like this - "gou ni haitte wa, gou ni shitagae"). This is a complex point to
> write Japanese person's name (We sometimes discuss about what is a better style to wrtite
> our name in other countrry's language).

Sorry about that!  I'll be sure to fix this.

I'm actually quite interested in this stuff -- Chinese people and I
imagine a whole lot of other folks also have the big-endian name
interacting with little-endian world problem.

I wonder if the French convention of capitalising the surname is
to help with this, e.g. KIDO Takahiro and Ian LYNAGH.


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