[darcs-users] publishing the roundup repo

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Mon Mar 9 16:01:57 UTC 2009

Eric Kow wrote:
> I'm guessing that the only reason it would be good to have the
> repository on darcs.net is if http://darcs.net/tracker was the same
> exact repository as the one being used by roundup as it's running.

Yes, that's what I want to do. It's just cd /home/darcs-unstable/darcs; 
ln -s /var/lib/roundup/trackers/darcs tracker .

> Otherwise, if you think we're going to need to have two repositories
> anyway, I don't see the harm of one of the public one being on c.h.o
> (which buys us the ability for a wider circle of folks to be able to
> push directly to the repository, plus adding to that circle)...

No need for two when one will do. We could have more direct committers 
on c.h.o, but still only one or two can do the pull to actually deploy 
changes, so I think keeping together is best.

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