[darcs-users] About darcs darcs repo as an darcs usage example...

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Wed Mar 11 00:32:21 UTC 2009

trentbuck at gmail.com (Trent W. Buck) writes:
> Maybe if we didn't have this strictness, and Darcs' repo had exponential
> blowouts, people would actually be motivated to address the issue...
I have already said that somewhere in the past... However, the blocker is that
there's no-one around currently able *and* willing to do that tracking down and
fixing. At least as far as I know. At least not in a short horizon. So all we'd
probably get out of it is messed up darcs darcs repo... : - |


PS: (I sort of believe that camp-core is the right solution in the medium
term... If Ian's claim of its full polynomiality is true (and I'd tend to
believe it is) and that it's less convoluted and easier to check than darcs
core (for which I would be surprised if that was not the case) it would
probably solve both of darcs' sorest problems...)

PPS: I am fairly inclined to "rebase" gorsvet upon camp-core. I understand
reasons behind camp-repository's simplicity. However, I believe that it would
very much make sense for the repository code to be worked on by a different
person than the core code (while retaining the simplistic repository code for
core testing). There are issues with both darcs-style hashed.pristine and with
a non-hashed format that IMHO need addressing in a realistic darcs-style RCS
that aspires to a higher profile than darcs itself can currently reach. I will
however keep conceptual simplicity of the storage format as a design priority.

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