[darcs-users] darcs error: "cannot handle mergers" ??

Steven G. Johnson stevenj at ab-initio.mit.edu
Fri Mar 13 02:40:03 UTC 2009

Darcs has started giving me the following error when I run almost any 
command (even "darcs repair") on my repository:

 	darcs: Cannot handle mergers other than version 0.0
 	Please use darcs optimize --modernize with an older darcs

Any ideas on how this could occur?

The suggested fix, using an "older darcs" to run "darcs optimize 
--modernize" is a little obscure.  What version of Darcs do I need? 
Currently I have 2.0.2.

I should also note that the darcs.net page has no download links for older 
versions, although I was able to do it by guessing the URL.

Thanks for any tips!

Steven G. Johnson

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