[darcs-users] Do you really mean resolved here? (Was: [issue1304] do we need patch contexts to get inverses? no)

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Mar 13 12:55:35 UTC 2009

Thorkil Naur writes:

 > > status: wont-fix -> resolved


 > In the GHC bugtracker, there is a status "invalid" for this sort of
 > thing,

In the XEmacs tracker I've separated *status* (here "resolved" ==
closed) from *reason* (here "wont-fix" and "invalid"; other values
being "superseded", "fixed", "not a bug" == "invalid", and "not our

For that matter, I've also separated *severity* (the user's
perception, and only partially ordered, with values "inelegant",
"inconvenient", "some work obstructed", "much work obstructed",
"security", "data loss", "hang", and "crash") from *priority* (the
developer's estimate of when he'll get to it, with values "critical"
== show-stopper, "urgent", "normal", and "cosmetic").

Unfortunately the tracker is inaccessible until Monday or so due to
our DNS admin's failure to follow instructions on a host move :-( but
when it comes back up you can find it at http://tracker.xemacs.org/.
There's a detailed user guide, the first half of which is basically
about XEmacs workflow and how the issue properties etc interact (down
at the bottom of the sidebar).

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